The Celestine Volunteer Fire Department operates primarily on funds from fundraisers and donations.  Your support, both financially and physically helping at fund raisers, is greatly appreciated.  Our three main yearly events are; our spring raffle and beef shooting match, the summer tractor pull, and the fall letter drive.  On this page we will keep everyone up to date on these events, along with additional department activities.
2020 Calendar of Events
-Friday April 17th 2020 - Shooting Match & Raffle

           6pm - Chicken dinners available
          6pm - 240 Wheel chances available
          8pm - Closed Beef Match begins
          9pm - Raffle Drawing

-Sunday August 23rd 2020 - Tractor Pull

     10am - Main gates open $5.00 General Admission
     10am - Mock Turtle soup for sale by the gallon
     11am - Chicken dinner serving begins

     11:30am - Sign Up     12pm - Start
                Kiddie pedal tractor pull
      5 weight classes from 30 lbs. on up

     12pm - Scales Open   1pm - Start
                Tractor and Truck Pull
                2019 Classes & Rules

-Proudly serving Celestine, Indiana and the surrounding areas since 1979